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Technological advancement
or passing trend?

It is February of 2014 and everyone is connected. We receive messages on several inboxes via our smartphones; we follow, like and repost social media on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Vine and Pinterest; we have instant access to information on browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, and to culture via Youtube or Vimeo. There is a split between our physical existence – one that has been evolving for 2.9 million years – and our virtual one, which is not so virtual after all since it is all-pervasive. But in thirty, forty or fifty years, what will remain of these tools, which are currently reshaping our world? While some might be here to stay, it is conceivable that Facebook and email might become a thing of the past. E-marketing might be considered passé and the new buzzwords might become “the quest for privacy” or “the art of mystery”.

Because we see the digital age as yet another trend – one that will leave its mark, but will certainly be replaced by something else in the future – we have decided to dedicate the February 2014 C+ Fashion Week Paris to the “digital world” by presenting a digital edition. Our editorial line corresponds with the print version’s table of contents but applies multimedia techniques. We hope that you will enjoy it. To all who prefer the contact of real human beings, we invite you to join us Paris Fashion Week Paris. People gather there to see and be seen. In real life.

Florence Julienne