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Tranoï x Be to See


Tranoï x Be to See

The design of a digital fashion community

Tranoï is offering its exhibitors the use of a new tool that puts designers in touch not only with the purchasing departments of companies but also directly with consumers. Interview with Michaël Hadida, the founder of this social network.


C+ Fashion Week Paris: What values does Be to See represent?
Michaël Hadida: The idea is to offer more visibility to designers, a struggle I have been involved in since the beginning of my career. Designers exhibit in trade fairs but do not always manage to reach the market they are aiming for. Our objective is to take them out of the “happy few” professional market niche and to make them known to a well-informed audience of direct consumers.

Why have you chosen digital communication to meet this goal?
The digital world provides an efficient way for very real participants to communicate. It has no physical boundaries and enables us to maintain communication throughout the year, from anywhere, with as many people as we like. When we meet twice a year for the Fashion Week trade fairs, we only have four days to meet 2,500 designers! The digital extension of this physical reality allows us to move forward.


What tools does this platform use?
It functions like a social network, much like Tranoï, which employed me for ten years. The network includes designers, purchasing departments, the press, and all the people who support us and who we count on to make this communication hub work. What makes the Be to See platform special is that it is divided into two parts: Be for buyers, distributers and agents, and See for consumers. The second part is open to everyone, and includes a magazine, a blog and information that can be shared on other social networks.

How does one become part of this community?
The designers are selected when the fashion shoots and fashion films that feature their brands appear on Be to See’s newsfeed. This system reflects our values and facilitates purchasing. The website will be inaugurated on February 28th for the beginning of the Tranoï trade shows. At first, participants will be required to request a login to become members. However, in the future, the site will be open for the general public to See.

What additional services will Tranoï be offering to its exhibitors through Be to See?
This exclusive partnership will give them the opportunity to continue to communicate, beyond the event dates, and thus optimise their online visibility.

Florence Julienne